Two for One: The Breastman Extraordinaire's Wild Weekend...a pornographic novella...

INTRODUCTION: Whatever gets you through the night...

I wake up in the darkest part of the night, it's early Saturday morning, sometime around three o'clock, I'm guessing.  I wake up rock hard and ready. I wake up spooning with a big tittied, healthy hipped, broad bottomed brunette named Tess. Her bare ass feels cool and soft in my hands, and I reach down, stroke myself and then roam my cock over her ass cheeks. Next, I reach around and grab some titty, press up against her. Tess murmurs and pushes her gorgeous bottom against my dick. I wander all over her with my hands.

I moan into her mane of auburn hair, luxuriating in her availability to me, my hand on her ass, stroking it, patting it, recalling all the pleasure it's given me, me humping and pumping her pussy while looking down onto her quivering and quaking cheeks.  Now, I'm squeezing, now kneading her tits, probing between her thunder thighs and finding her wet, damn she’s a pro. I love waking up with a naked, willing woman beside me.

As it happens, I have two of them. Although I can’t see the bedside clock, I calculate that about two hours ago, I had mounted the blonde named Dana, fucked her hard and what a glorious fuck it had been.

I remember achieving my climax as I straddled her at the waist, rocking my dick back and forth in between her big, oiled up beauties, jacking my dick with them, her cooing at me, urging me on, raising up every fifth pump or so to lick my cock head, to suck on me. With both titties in my hand, with her hands on my ass, I had barked and howled as I shot out my load, a thread making its way up into the hollow of her neck, making a milky pool and then I had pulled free to whack it all out as she had taken her own hefty hooters in hand. When I was almost spent, I stood up on my knees, loomed over her, leered down onto the spunk splattered scene. This blond, big boobed bombshell splayed out beneath me, her hands stroking my thighs and ass, saying over and over oh damn baby what a load., oh you pump it out so good. And then, proud of my cock, proud of my load, I had slid down and re-entered her pussy and enjoyed it some more.

After going into the bathroom to wash myself off, I had gone to the other bed down the hallway, to lay down beside Tess.

I gently pull Tess onto her back. Even in the dusky light, as I slip the sheet down I can see the tan lines, the pale V that aims down to her crotch, the pubis shaved to a narrow, reddish landing strip. Her tits, on the other hand, are tanned over to a delicious brown-bronze. I suck one of the nipples.

Yes, baby, she murmurs, coming out of sleep, one of her hands runs over my arm, yes, baby get you some titty, that’s what they’re for, for you to play with, baby, get after those titties. And I do. I fondle and feel them. I jostle and jiggle them.

Then, she gently pushes me onto my back. Lay back baby, let me take this thing for you and she softly hefts up my cock and strokes me a few times, cups my balls. Oh baby, you’ve been coming after your women with this gorgeous thing all day baby.  I grin, yes indeed, for we had started our romp Friday afternoon around noon, about half an hour after the two women had arrived for me to start my weekend long fuck fest. 

But first, Tess rises up and those huge honeys hang down so nicely, swing and sway she presses them onto my face and brushes those boobs back and forth, left and right. Then, she moves down my body, roving those big beauties over me. At my ankles, looking up at me, she works her way up my legs, those titties so soft and sweet and she lingers over my cock and runs a boob up each side of my dick. I reach down and we titty fuck for a while, I’m just moaning and groaning in pleasure.

That feel good baby?  Her voice husky, sexy. 

Oh fuck yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck yes.

Then, she takes me in hand, and Tess purrs looking at it, slowly jerking it up and down, can I suck it baby. Please, let me suck it.

Oh yes, get down on that dick.

And she does. I lay there, hopelessly trapped in all her big-boobed, healthy-hipped, broad bottomed glory.

I don’t know how long she worked on me with her mouth, but it was absolutely wonderful. I’m just splayed out on the bed, arms and legs akimbo, the only sounds of are of her moist sucking, my intermittent moans and groans and utterances oh you’re my good cock sucker and her occasional gurgle.  Her auburn tangles and locks of hair softly whisps over my abdomen, a silky drape of hair, her lips are moist and her tongue warm as it slicks up and down my dick.

At some point she stops and then says, as I look at her, dazed in my lust, baby, I’m all wet and ready. I need this thing up inside me.

And for a moment or two, as she positions herself astride me, it’s all tits and legs and her hand guiding my feverish dick into her wet, warm womanhood.

We fuck for a while, her whimpering and ooohing with pleasure, me grabbing ass and bobbing boobies and enjoying the scene, loving the feel of my dick up in a pussy. After a few minutes, Tess begins to grind away at me, working her ass like crazy. She barks out several little cries as she cums on my cock. I feel it. She isn’t faking this one.

She falls forward onto me, her titties pressed against me--I lay there, savoring their heft and bulge.  I stroke her ass and back as we catch our breath. I’ve lost count, she says, of how many times you’ve made me cum today and tonight.

Tess rolls off me and pulls me toward her; come on big guy take it, nail my big fucking ass to this fucking bed. Bang it good, I want to feel you rocket off inside me.

And I do. I climb up and look down onto all that terrain of tit, pussy, legs and hands, her face. I remembered at some point during the day, I had shot a thread or two of cum up across her chin and cheek.  Her titties, a nice set of big beauties, a set of triple H hooters, beautiful hanger bangers, all natural, they are pancaked out, spilling over her upper arms, and all I can muster is a lusty, moan of damn you're beautiful.

She takes the sheet and wipes away at her pussy, just make it a little drier inside. When I slip in, I feel as if I will simply melt with the pleasure. I feel enveloped by her beauty, her outright sexuality, she is a sexpot par excellence. Tess likes to fuck and she fucks and fucks and fucks. She wraps me in her arms, and puts her hands on my ass, raises up her knees and I get after n it.

I hammer away, piston fuck that pussy. I’m huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning. She’s huffing and puffing, moaning and groaning, emitting little love grunts. Oh, yes baby, fuck it, fuck it. Every dozen or so pumps and I pause to jostle a jug, to reach under and grab ass, prolonging the pleasure. Then, I’m back to it.

Ooooh, damn baby, she moans, that’s such good fucking. You’ve been fucking your women all day and all night baby. Oh fuck you’re our man tonight baby, you’re the one getting it done. I don’t know how many times you’ve made us come. Oh, fuck, pump it baby, don’t stop. Oh, and you get to fuck us all day today and Sunday—you get all the pussy you can handle. The titty fucking, you get to cum on our ass and tits, baby, get your cock sucked over and over. I'm here for you to fuck baby, I'm here for you to get off as many times as you can baby. 

I’m lost in the feel of her beneath me, letting me do her once more, of my cock slicking in and out and her words urge me on, yeah, I’ve fucked these two over and over, made my man mess all over their beautiful bodies and scenes of raucous rutting flash through my mind, me riding Tess, her legs up in the air, and Dana rubbing her big ole boobies over my ass, then, later her ass up in the air, me behind her, Tess reaching between my legs to stroke my balls; the two of them doing a side-by-side for me, me pumping the rump of one, then moving over to the other and back again until I spewed spunk and splattered both their asses, dick spanking and spreading the goo.

I am desperate to cum and I’m pounding pussy, I have my arms beneath her neck and my hips are driving up and down, we’re both quiet now, moaning a little and I hear her hoarsely whisper, shit and her body tenses for a few seconds, oh shit, fuck, oh shit. I’m the proud pussy fucker, made it happen for her again, I feel so fucking strong and powerful atop her and then I unload. I’m racked with pleasure filled pulses and I gasp and moan into her neck.

We lay there a few moments, catching our breath again, her stroking over my back and ass cheeks with her fingers, I reach down and bunch up one or her big beauties and kiss over the nipple. I roll off her.

I had taken them both twice more each during the night. I remember banging Dana’s butt, pumping her rump hard, our bodies clapping together, her big beautiful cheeks quaking, both of us grunting and groaning, her pussy so wet, her cuming once, maybe twice while I did her hard--watching her titties, her huge flopper whopper 30j cups swing and sway in the mirror, watching those lovelies gallop in time with my pounding.

Then, at the crucial moment I had pulled free and shot a glob up over her ass and it had landed onto the small of her back, then, spotting and blotching her cheeks as I moaned and whimpered in my pleasure. Later, I had cum on her tits once more.

With Tess, I had also taken her hard from behind, but had cum inside her, banging it into her, lost in lust.

The next time, and the last fuck before I had collapsed into a deep sleep, Dana had serviced me while I was on my back, her alternating between titty fucking me, rubbing those big beauties over me, sucking on me, hand jobbing me until I had shot geyser-like up onto her hanging honeys, and it had flicked and flew down onto my lap.

I awoke to the soft touch of a breeze over my face. I awoke alone, sprawled out on the main upstairs bedroom bed. The alarm clock told me it was 7:3O. Damn. I stretched and listened. I could hear someone in the kitchen. A splash in the pool.

True to my discipline, I got up and did my fifty pushups, my thirty sit-ups. Went to the wet bar and took out my power drink from the little frig. Then hit the shower.

While I’m in there I replay in my mind some of the scenes from the previous day and night. Those side by sides were incredible. The girls taking turn sucking my dick. Me jacking out my load all over their titties. I find myself working on my dick and then laugh…fuck, I’ve got two huge hootered, big bottomed beauties downstairs to fuck over and over. I rinse off and wrap a towel around myself.  I decide, as my dick grows hard in anticipation, I'm ready for a day of it...a full day of fun and frolic...

NEXT INSTALLMENT! Chapter One: Tess and Dana turn Dean into the Rocket Man!

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