Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Breastman Extraordinaire as an "up and cuming" pornstar...another little fantasy blog...

One of my occasional fantasies it to be a, keep in mind this is just a fantasy as I have no desire to have my sexual exploits eternally and universally on display via the internet...I'm sure I would be besieged by women forever  See, I do have a sense of humor.

I'm a longtime viewer of big tit porn.  Of course, as I've written elsewhere in this blog (see The whence and wherefore of my breast obsession, 7/31/10) I became a breastman at an early age, and to quote the great and original breastman extraordinaire Russ Meyer, "If I can't have a woman with big breasts, I'd rather drink coffee." 

Well, I'm not THAT obsessed...I mean, I've had my share of enjoyable sex verntures with C-cupped ladies...but, as a matter of course, give me at least double Ds please...

But I digress...I've been a porn watcher since puberty.  While I have a personal preference for natural titties, I still like to watch, and when I can, play with humongous, outrageous fake orbs.  Hence, I think that is the source of my fairly recent fascination with 3-D porn...those big, bounding boobies, round rumps...oh those dream girl bodies...but again, I digress...* hehe...

There are, for me, four all time great big titty girls that come to mind...that make me cum fairly easily--true jack off girls with huge man-made hooters...and watching them in action...watching them sucking and fucking, bouncing and ballling still works for me.

They are Lisa Lipps, Letha Weapons, Tiffany Towers and Wendy Whoppers...whom I feature in turn below....of course, remember this is Dean's world so the fantasy continues!!!

Let's start with Lisa...

....Lisa had just learned that Dean was going to be her co-star on her next you can see...she was quite excited...

Here she is, with her 58EEs...yes, I'm stroking to

Before I go any further, allow me to venture a theory about big, fake boobs.  When I first moved to this fair city, I befriended a fellow who owned what was at the time a very popular titty bar.  This was the age of silicone and many of his girls had implants.  One night he invited me to stay late and join him, some of his staff and a handful of the girls to party.  At some point, he offered a, no doubt, booze inspired theory as to why the girls went in for such augmentations...the obvious reason was money, the second was self-esteem...both notions I tend to agree with to this day...however, he said, a lot of these girls buy the big tittes to say, in effect, "Hey look at me...I want you to want to fuck me!"  He continued, "It's not necessarily that they want you to fuck them...they want you to WANT to bang 'em."  Hmmm....

...Lisa felt sooo lucky to have Dean as her co-star...backing her up all the way..

Born in 1969, Lisa will undoubtedly glide into the realm of all time great MILFs...She is still active in the industry and is renowned for helping younger women entering into the porn industry avoid a lot of, she is a real presence on screen.  In addition to her obvious assets, Lisa is very verbal in her porn...something I really, really like.  I love hearing my woman being pleasured, and I like the dirty talk...Lisa is a top performer by this standard.

 ...Lisa had heard that when he was on the set Dean was a hardworking guy...well, after shooting a couple of scenes with him...she had to agree...Dean worked very "hard" indeed...

I especially like watching Lisa when she sports tan when she is getting it put to her from behind, or when she is working on her guy cowgirl addition to the tits, she has a great looking ass.


...sometimes, Lisa and Dean would forgtet thier lines...but the director never complained...for Lisa and Dean were really good at improvising...

Note the tongue action in the above clip...that is the sight of a woman who knows how to work a dick!!! 

One of my favorite video downloads of Lisa shows a series of great POV shots...

1) looking down on her ass...her on hands and knees...that cock slicking in and out of her pussy, her ass cheeks quaking...Lisa moaning and urging her man on...pump it, fuck it, fuck it good...the guy pulling out just in time to spew his spunk over her*

Here, I have to admit that I sometimes have a hard time...yeah, I said hard time...pulling out of my woman to spray my load--even if she begs me feels sooo good in there...

2) straddling her at the waist, rocking that cock back and forth in between her huge balled up beauties, then creaming over them...glazing those honeys with his man juice...*...okay, I gotta say it...I love cuming on tits...I just do...

3) as in the above video clip...her on her knees, sucking dick...working her mouth softly back and forth, tongue flicking around, one hand cupping balls, the other stroking over the guy's ass...hmmm...*...then, him unloading...I love watching Lisa offeirng up her big beauties for the splotch and splatter of spunk...

Lisa is not beautiful in any classical sense of the word...but she exudes a sexual energy that blazes...she comes across as a woman who can put out over and over and over and give it good to her man...a sexpot extraordinaire.

Now, for Letha Weapons...

....Letha was incredulous...she exclaimed, what do you mean "bring in the fluffer for Dean?"  to hell with that...let me take care of this...

There she is...with her 38F hooters...a slim and stacked girl, she is now retired and reportedly had her implants removed.   While Letha, like Lisa, could not be identified as beautiful in the classical sense of the word...she has a cute face and--if the boobs were somehow hidden--could be the girl next door...a baby sitter or checkout girl at the local grocery.  Therein, it seems to me, rests her sensuality...I've read a few interviews and she admits the real reason she went into to porn was because she liikes to fuck...and frankly, in many of the videos I've watched that featured her, I tend to believe her...

...Letha was again incredulous...this time when, at a very, very critical moment in a climactic scene, the director yelled "cut!!"  Thankfully, Dean pretended not to hear...

...she especially looks good on her hands and knees...and like all great porn stars is very can often can hear her sweet little voice with a sex addict's urgency to it...*

...just as the director stood--Letha knew he was about to yell cut for the uptenth time...he wanted a change in position...well, she gave him the famous look...the directgor shyly sat back down and let the camera roll...

Even though Letha had huge implants...there nevertheless is a certain degree of pliancy to them that leads me to believe they would be great for titty fucking...her partners never seem to have any difficulty getting off to them...for that matter, neither to do I when watching them hugging a dick...

...she thought Dean was such a great co-star...soooo easy to work with...and, he never seemed troubled at all by the demanding fact, he often volunteered to do a re-shoot of the money shots...he was so sweet.*


...the crew just had to seems that Letha and Dean had beat their personal best records for the doggie style position...the crew would later entitle this scene, "Staying Power."

Letha also had a cute little ass...not very curvaceous, admittedly, but a nice little, spankable, squeezable bottom that looked really good getting pumped....*


...the producer soon regretted trying to cut costs for the on-sight shoot in Barbados by putting Letha and Dean in the same room..especially since he was right next door...he didn't get any sleep that night, or the next, or the next....

Oh, to have those heavy hanging hooters raking over my chest, her cute little ass in my hands and my cock up in that warm and wet pussy...ooooh...*

In one the more memorable video clips I have of her is of relatively poor quality but still's one of those rare video episodes where we see the guy getting off to her three times....once, they are doing it missionary style, and he pulls out and lays out his load onto her stomach...the second time, he bangs her from behind and then pumps it out onto her ass and the third is the requisite facial and tit splatter...a man after my own heart--hell, a woman after my own heart...I usuallly keep pace with him when I watch that

The next of the four big tit porn queens is Tiffany Towers....


...Tiffany mused...with Dean around, who in hell needs an alarm clock?

Born in 1971, Tiffany retired in the early 2000s, resurfacting once in 2005 for a Seymore Butts video, by which time she had gone through a breast reduction.  But during her active time, Tiffany sported a set of grand tetons measuring a reported 70 triple Fs. 

...after shooting all day...after all those money shots, Dean, frankly, was looking forward to just going back to his hotel room, fixing a drink, watching a little TV, then hitting the sack early in order to be refreshed for the next day's rigorous schedule of scenes with Tiffany....

...well, as it happened, Tiffany had other plans for Dean...

I admit to a certain partiality for Tiffany.  In addtion to that outrageous body, those big bouncers, her oh so pattable, squeezable ass, she has such a fresh, cute face.  the above photo says it all...*...

...after filming Boob Island, Tiffany decided to stay around for a few days, turning it into a little vacation.  Unfortunately, her co-star Dean had to return to the states...much to Tiffany's disappointment...she recalled, that after a day of work on the set, her and Dean would take some really nice, long walks on the beach....

Talk about a body that gets me going...Tiffany has it all...

...of course, they would walk just long enough, far enough, to find a little was so nice to be with Dean without the crew watching, and the director giving orders...they could, well, be themselves...oh how she missed Dean....

Oh those tits...those big gorgeous tits...*...*

....Tiffany tried to put Dean out of her mind...but dammit all, it seemed everywhere she turned there was something to remind her of Dean...

...she recalled some of the reveiws of her first video with Dean, "The Big Sleazy" reveiwers wrote that Tiffany and Dean seemed so natural together, so comfortable with each other... 

...well, when asked about why her and Dean did seem so natural...Tiffany could only reply that because the two of them spent so much time together...Dean had come to know her so well, inside and out...he knew just what to do...where to touch her...what to that when they were on set, she really didn't have to act at all!!!

*...what more can I say...* fact, the shooting of the final scene of Boob Island had gone on and on and on....way over schedule because her and Dean had really done what, by that point, was quite simply natural to them both...they kept going on and on and on...

That photo has been one of my favorite jack off girls for a long of my favorite fantasies is to have her as a lay around girl for a weekend or so...where she lays around reading a book, having a drink, talking on her cell phone, until I'm ready for which point I roll her over, pull her sweet ass up in the air and take my pleausre...or sit her up on the edge of a bed or lounge chair by the pool and slip my cock into her mouth or in between her titties...or space out on top of her missionary style, her knees rising up as she spreads her legs to receive me as I slip inside her always primed pussy, her arms embracing me, her hands roaming over the small of my back and ass, her nibbling on my ear lobe with her lush lips just before whispering oh yes, baby, fuck me again, fuck me as good as you did last time...

Yes, I'd love a weekend with her...just fucking her over and over....*

...oh Dean...oh baby...I don't care if the lighting is bad, if the camera crew is rolling up and there is too much damned sand...just finish the scene...oh, pleeeaase finish the scene....

...although the crew and cast of the latest Tiffany and Dean video, a crime spoof entitled "Inside Job", knew it was a great production, they were suprised when at the AVN awards they won for best sound editing...they all looked at each a bit curiously...there had been no sound editing of "Inside Job."

                                    was, admittedly, a low budge prodcution...they only had one, as you might imagine, Tiffany and Dean had to repeat several scenes so the director could get shots from different angles...but when Tiffany said that was okay, she was "down for it" and Dean said he was "up for it" the director had to smile, saying to himself, these two and their goofy sense of humor....

Finally, I have to say, recalling my titty bar owning acquaintance's theory, if Tiffany had built up her big boobs, kept herself fit, tanned and exuberantly sensual because she wanted men like me to want to fuck her...she succeeded marvelously...

Now, for Wendy Whoppers...

...when Dean arrived and began setting up the equipment for the photo shoot, Wendy was very emphatic...Now Dean, she said, we have to get through the complete shoot...we can't let what happened the last time...I really need these wit, Dean apologized profusely...yes, yes he said, crimson in the face with embarrassment...

Retired from the porn business for well nigh ten years now, Wendy is still one of my favorite big tit girls.  However, even though she reportedly made over 100 films during her career, I have relatively little material on her....but she has that naughty Barbie doll look...which really turns me on...


...for the first thirty minutes or so, things went rather smoothly...Dean used the zoom lens to get the close ups...and he gave fairly modest instructions regarding her poses....

...but she noticed that big bulge showing tent-like at the front of his Chinos...and after a few minutes, Wendy found herself a bit distracted...she kept thinking about that bulge in Dean's pants....

...after about an hour...poor Dean found himself repeating his posing instructions to Wendy...sometimes three or four times...for instead of her merely thinking about Dean's bulge, she couldn't keep her eyes off of it...recalling what had happened halfway through their last photo shoot....

...well, when Dean finally had to step in actually touch her, moving an arm broking a boob shot, and positioning her just so...they both knew that what had happened at the last photo shoot was going to happen during this one...

I think the photo above is really well done--like most of the work of the SCORE group--it shows Wendy in all her bg boobed glory...* had been a long day on the set...but the crew, the director, the producers who liked to watch, Wendy and Dean...they all agreed--the fifth time was a charm...

It is my udnerstanding that all four of these big tit wonders started out as dancers.  I suppose during the eighties and nineties silicone was the ticket to more money, more contracts etc.  But each in their own way carved out a niche in the porn industry and stand--or lay--as all time greats. 

Lisa Lipps with her delightfully slutty look--bad girl gone even more bad--forgive the poor grammar....

Letha with her cute baby sitter's face about to get daddy in trouble with that body of hers...

Tiffany, with that let's get it on and keep getting it on body--what the hell you mean you can't get it up the fourth time, come here and let me see about that...

Wendy with the Barbie Doll body that says to hell with Ken, bring on GI Joe and tell him to bring his friends...these girls have got me up and over the top countless times throughout the years of their

Yes...with their built up boobs...let me say it again, if they did it to make guys like me want to fuck them...they succeeded....

Hope you enjoyed this edition of my you can tell from the number of asterisks...I, as usual, got a little distracted from time to time...


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