Tuesday, January 18, 2011

With apologies to Frank Sinatra...Ain't she sweet?...see her walking down that street...yes I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?...Ain't she nice, look her over once or twice...Yes, I ask you confidentially, ain't she nice...Just cast an eye in her direction, oh me, oh my ain't that perfection?...I repeat, well, don't you think that's kind of neat...Yes, I ask you very confidentially, ain't she sweet?

My drinking buddy Matt--see the first installment of a Tale of Two Titties--and I met at our usual watering hole the other day.  Now, you will recall that Matt posed the question about my best one night stand, which resulted in the recounting of my wonderful afternoon in Destin Florida lo those many years ago, splendid hours spent in the company of the lovely Liz.

Well, as Matt and I got into the third pint or so, us leering at the little cutie waitress Meg and her bobbing boobies, we call her our bendover girl, Matt posed another of his penetrating questions. Okay muh man, he said, now, once you got into your forties, who is the youngest woman you've been with?

I've chosen to answer that in another installment of A Tale of Two Titties...however, it did inspire me to look through my collection of photos and videos of young, lithe, busty, soft, firm-skinned beauties.

So, let's take a look and some young, sweet treats....REMEMBER!  The captions refer to the photo above...not below...and the asterisks, well, they indicate where and how many times I "got distracted" while doing this post...lol.

...oh that Dean she thought, he never calls to warn me he is coming over...he never knocks...
When I moved to this fair city, long before marriage, divorce, one of my first bed buddies was a young girl similar to the one featured above--I'll write about her in A Tale of Two Titties soon.  I like this photo.  She has a cute face, but if you were to see her at a Starbucks or in the library, perhaps covered in a baggy sweatshirt declaring her alma mater, this young lady wouldn't really stand out.  But get her naked and the dick gets hard. 

She has a nice set, and there is nothing sexier in my book than a woman walking around topelss between fucks.

...a couple times a week, Dean would drop by Karen's dorm room, offering to walk with her to class...they rarely made it class on those days....*

Okay, forgive me for stating the obvious, but those are nice titties.  Firm, stand-up-on-their own titties.  Anyone who has tit-fucked know those big beauties would work so well hugging a cock.  Plus, that is a nice spread, her all laid out, pealing down her jeans, getting ready for her guy to do it to her....

...when his neighbor's young wife called, asking Dean to come over to plug a leak in her plumbing...Dean, being a good neighhbor, was happy to come over and help out in any way he could...

If she were mine, I'd keep her naked as much as possible.  Such an inviting body...and those tits...such sweet targets for a man mess....and that smile...she likes to have fun...

....their plans were to go out for dinner, a little dancing...so Dean arrived at her apartment and let himself in--she had told him she might be in the shower, or getting dressed--the first sign that told Dean they were insteand going to stay in that night was the collection of takeout menus scattered on the coffee table...the second sign they were going to stay in that night was...well...you get the picture...

How lovely...what a beautiful spread she makes...smooth, soft skin, lovely breasts that seem large enough to offer up all manner of delights, shaved, smooth pussy, long legs, sweet face--imagine her going down on you---hair to hold onto while she is on her hands and knees, getting it put to her from behind...yummy...

....just when she thought they might tbe done for the day, just when Dean was slipping on his pants for maybe the fourth or fifth time, she would do something--she was never sure what it was--but suddenly there was Dean again, climbing back into bed for some more....*...*

I only have two photos of this young lady.  This photo and another with her sitting up.  She is a plushed bodied woman.  What I like about her--in addition to a gorgeous set of big beauties, is her face.  She has that I-like-to-fuck look.  A look that tells you she likes to see a man get hard to the sight of her.  She likes get banged, likes for her guy to play motor boat with her titties, grab her, and grip her ass cheeks...I just bet she's a giggler...likes being tickled as a form of foreplay...

...Dean was so funny...sometimes this is all it took...

I really like those tits...but for the life of me...I can't find anymore photos of her, nor can I find out her name...

...Carly was forever suprised at her new sugardaddy, Dean...although twice her age, he could...as she liked to joke...take a sucking and keep on fucking...wow, what a guy....they had devised a little game...after three or four times of rutting, romping, frolicking and fucking...she would get dressed...Dean would sit across the room, naked, and watch...he wasn't allowed to touch himself or her...they had their own little system of measuring Dean's level of arousal...this pose usually resulted in a 10% rating...

I like Carly.  She is a little sexpot.  Love looking at, leering at, her body...those big ole boobies and that oh so squeezable ass...


...this brought things up to a 20% rating...here Carly often marvelled at how eager Dean was to get at them...sometimes, when he would pick her up from her junior college, he couldn't wait to get home...they would find a little out of the way place in a park...so he could...well, you know....

...at this juncture...this usually resulted in a soft moan and groan from Dean...30%...Carly sometimes would recall the various "shots across the bow" that Dean would eject in his lust...did he take vitamins, she wondered? 

...40%...more moans...more groans...maybe he took some kind of herbal therapy, she mused...some ancient Chinese elixir...

...at this point, Dean usually said something a little naughty...like, oh fuck or hot damn or oh I need those titties...50% and growing...maybe Dean, she thought, had a serious physical condition...he certainly seemed to need to find release often...

...when they first began to play this little game...Carly thought at around 50%, Dean might need a little break from looking at her breasts...afraid he might--well, lose control--but this little maneuver got him up to 60% right away...maybe, she pondered, Dean has more testosterone than normal...poor guy..always walking around with such a load...

I love this angle...that ass peeking out, that titty hanging down and visible off to the side...

....no wonder he needed so many women...needed to do it so many times...poor Dean...at 70% his breathing would become a little raspy...he really wanted to grab himself...or, more to the point, grab her...but, true to the rules of the game, Dean stayed put...

...80%....he was in pain...sweet torture...she knew...she could tell...the thought occurred to Carly, damn, if he is this horny, if he can shoot the moon like this at his age, my goodness what was he like as a teenager...the thought boggled her mind...

...at 90%...Dean was usually nearly catatonic...mumbling things like, pussy, titty, ass...oh I need it all...slack jawed with lust...it was at this point she began to prepare herself mentally for what was about to come--yes, a double entendre...

....at 100%...she knew...they would be lucky if they made it to the bed....*

What a set...what a splendid set of large lovelies...love looking at them all slicked up and ready for some attention...

....Dean, honey...are you going to nap all afternoon? 

...Donna wasn't worried...her older sisters might be prettier at first glance...but when it came to competing for Dean's attention...Donna knew she had a couple of advantages...

Such a sweet looking set of titties...I have a couple of buddies who would turn her down because of the face, identifying her as an average looking woman.  In my book, a woman's beauty must be measured by a series of indices...personality for exmaple.  Unless I'm in it for only one fuck or one night of it, I want to be with a woman who likes to laugh, who can carry on a conversation. 

Further, beauty is not only to be found in the face.  Look at her!  Such soft titties, and they hang so nicely, you know they work so well, swinging and swaying...and would fit right onto one's lap.  I have learned to pay heed to a woman's body--even if fully clothed--to look for tell tale signs of what the hips, tits, ass might look like...can't judge a book, etc...


...oh Dean...let's do that again...please!?!

I have several photos featuring this little cutie.  In almost all of them, her hair is a bit disheveled...as if she has just been roundly fucked.  I like her large lovelies...bulbous and big, firm yet they look like they would flop and fly when she is humping on top of you, or getting it put to her from behind...

...she always got a little suspicious when they only did it four times, wondering if Dean was going off to be another girl....yes, she would give Dean that look...well, he didn't want her to be suspicious...so, he usually dropped his pants again, took off his shirt...just to allay her suspicions, you understand...*

Wow....what a body.   She is built for comfort...to give it and to receive it...love the angle of her tits...pert nipples, nice jigglers...those built for fucking hips...wrap around you until you're done legs...nice shaved pussy...the complete package...yeah, I'd keep her naked for a weekend or so....

...yes, it was true, Emma was the teacher's pet...more specifically, Mr. Dean's pet...and since she was class president, president of the Drama Club, top of her class, editor of the school paper...Emma had accumulated a number of privileges...both formal and informal...

Emma is a real jack off girl.  A cute face, and splendid tits.  Sweet little ass.  She has a fresh look that I find very appealing.  And those work-you-over lips...wow.

...among the informal privileges was access to the teacher's lounge...she often dropeped by toward the end of the day...when she knew that in all probability Mr. Dean would be the only teacher there...grading papers, working on his lesson plans...he was such a dedicated teacher...

....but sometimes Mr. Dean would be so engrossed in his work, that it seemed he was ignoring her...now, Emma hated to be ignored...so, she would try to get his attention...

,,,it especially irked her when one of Mr. Dean's girlfriends would call...Mr. Dean would chat and chat and chat with the little hussies...and ignore her!  Afterall, she was a student...who had come to her teaching with some very serious questions about her assignment...she needed some help...

...so, as Mr. Dean would laugh and laugh and flirt with those soccer moms that would call him with any silly excuse to talk to him, Emma would lock the door to the lounge and do her best to bet Mr. Dean's attention...

...this usually did the trick...

...yep, Mr. Dean would shut down his cellphone, close his text books, sheath his notes in his briefcase, and check the lock...even putting a chair beneath the door handle...just in case...

Oh those tits...those tits...those tits.  While not huge, they are lovely, kissable, and so damned soft looking.  I would love to get buried between them...

...then, Mr. Dean would pay lots and lots of attention to Emma...

...even though they never got around to discussing her concerns regarding her paper that was coming due, or difficult passages in the textbook...Emma never worried...she was pretty confident that after such sessions with Mr. Dean...her grade would probably an A....

...Mitzy loved playing touch football with Dean...the rules were that your opponent could touch you anywhere between the knees and shoulders to stop the play...well, Dean was really good at touch football...

I love her naughty girl expression...and those nipples poking out...the way those huge honeys hang, her aiming out for all the world to see...proof positive that a girl does not have to be drop dead gorgeous to be sexy as hell...with a girl like that I just want to grab her, tickle her, roll around with her, get her naked and just fuck and fuck and fuck...

...but even more that playing touch footbal with Dean...she loved hitting the showers with him after each game...where he kept practicing his touch techniques...*

Here they are in their naked glory...such sweet heavy hanging hooters...flopper whoppers...

...Dave, one of Dean's best friends called him up one night and told him he was going to be out of the town for about a week...he asked Dean if he would mind checking in from time to time on Dave's daughter Kristina...Dean thought, well she's a big girl now...hadn't she just turned 19 or 20?  But, with Dave being such a good frined, Dean agreed....

Okay...I know she has to be of legal age...but I felt a little guilty about all the fantasies this little darling inspired...

...now, here I must add...it had been a while since Dean had seen Kristina...he still thought of her as a little girl in his mind's eye, pig tails, training wheels on her bike, little plastic tea cup sets...so, imagine his surprise when, the next day, ne knocked on his old buddy's door and was greeted by...by a young woman!

...well, Kristina fixed Dean a very strong bourbon on the rocks...and a gin and tonic for herself--yes, she assured Dean, Daddy lets me have a drink here at home, Dean thought, hey, didn't she have braces the last time I saw her?...and they proceeded to get caught up...she revealed to Dean that for years she had a crush on him...

Son of a bitch!!!  She is simply so damned sweet looking...that could make me do some crazy things...buy her a car, pay her rent...hell, give her a credit card...just let me have some....


...that, often late at night...she would lay awake and think of him...imagining him taking her into his manly arms, carrying her to bed and ravishing her...well, as you might imagine...Dean began to feel a little uncomfortable...this was, afterall, the daughter--the very, very young daugther--of one of his best friends...

Now, admittedly, her titties are small..but they are so lovely...young and fresh...sweet and ripe...


...yes, Kristina began to really open up to Dean...confessing her deepest feelings and most intimate fantasies she had harborbed for Dean all these years...Dean began to perspire...

What a view...pretty titties...long legs...that sweet smile...*...okay...couldn't stop myself...

....he was in quite a quandry...she asked him...well, Dean...have you ever had any naughty thoughts about me?  Hmmm?....

Oh my...so clean...so cute...so enticing...that could keep me busy for quite some time....

...well, Dean himself had to confess to her...yes...I guess I've had a few--but he was very reluctant to go into details, until Kristina bega to prompt him...she asked somewhat coquettishly, have you ever wondered about these?

Proof...those little lovelies would work just fine....oh the mess I could make on them...*

...or maybe about this?...what do you think?  I'm a big girl now Dean...and I'm legal if that's what you're worried about...still, Dean WAS worried...she's Dave's daughter for heaven's sake!!! he told himself..and, for a brief moment, Dean had the strength, the presence of mind to stand and start for the door...until...

Let me say it again...while not all buttmen are tit men...all tit men ARE ass men...what a little piece of wonderland...that is a delightful looking ass...

...she told him...Dean, why don't you pull your car into the garage where the neighbors won't see it...Daddy won't be back from his trip until the weekend and I don't have any classes this week...

Damn...forgive me for once more stating the obvious...but I could bang away at that over and over...just spacing out on top of that lovely body...enjoying that firm flesh...kissing on those titties...reaching under for a feel of ass...all the while pumping her sweet, young pussy...*


....Dean had been looking forward to the ski trip to eastern Europe for almost a year...and he wasn't disappointed...the slopes were well packed, the mountains were beautiful...and the inn where he stayed was wonderful...the only problem was the language...very few people spoke English....but he manage...one great suprise came the second night of his stay...

I don't have many photos of Eshe...but she is wonderful looking woman...as you can see..I love the above photo...the way the light plays over her...showing off her lovely female terrain...those gorgeous breasts and wide hips...I especially like the fact that she is not skinny...there is enough cushion for the pushin'....

...when he came in from a long day on the slopes...there she was...she said her name was Eshe...and frankly, Dean didn't make to the slopes much after that...but really enjoyed his vacation...

...but after a day or so, Dean's curosity finally got the better of him and he asked how Eshe had found her way to his room...she laughed and said that after his first day he had asked the innkeeper Klaus for more blankets...yes, he remembered, the innkeeper had not understood at first...Dean had hugged himself and pretended to shiver--and the innkeeper had said, ah, yes, Mr. Dean...you want a comforter!!!  Dean had said, yes...that will do...well, Eshe said, Klaus sent me..I am your comforter....*

...And...a gorgeous ass...oh what I'd give to be able to press against them while doing from behind...such soft looking cheeks...


...Dean always looked forward to his annual trip to the island...one of his best friends owned a small beachfront motel...it offered small but well appointed rooms...a very isolated beach...

I love this series of photos...she is a hot little number--forgive the cliche....

...the package was all inclusive...unlimited buffet, unlimited drinks...and there, were, uh, a  few other amenities as well...

...as for the, er, additional amenities...Dean would have to request Liliane far in advance...and it added quite a bit extra to the cost of his vacation...

The quintessence of youthful feminity...oh those curves...how I would love to trace them with hands, mouth and cock...

...but from the beginning to the end...Dean's vacaton experience was always wonderful....

...yes, unlimited food, unlimited booze, unlimited Liliane...what a deal....

...the only downside to these vacations was in the owner's persistent attempts to get Dean to invest in the motel...to become a silent partner...his friend claimed he wanted to make some improvements to the property...build a bigger pool, expand the kitchen...buy more land to provide more "private" play grounds for the guests....

...well, for the past four years, Dean's friend had asked and for the last four years, Dean had declined...until...his friend, the motel owner sweetened the pot...

...yes...his friend assured Dean...with a partnership comes your own reserved room...available year round...no cost...unlimited food...no cost...unlimited booze...no cost...

...and of course...unlimited access to the girls...especially Liliane...*

...well, that afternoon...Dean called his banker...

Oh my...ass in the air, tits hanging down...*...yes, I love that shot...used it as my desktop wallpaper for several days...what a beauty...what a set of beauties...how I love to make them swing and sway...while clapping against that beautiful bottom....

I've begun working on my next edition of A Tale of Two Titties...where I relate my recent encounter with a young 22 year old cutie pie...in the meantime, hope you've enjoyed this post...I know I have...several times...lol.


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